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Abortion Survior…Where Was Her Radical Feminist?

by Kelly Crawford

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a message that so charged me, chilled me, left me crying, shouting, clapping and ready to fight for my Savior.

An incredible story, Ms. Jessen is a woman after my own heart.
Don’t, don’t, don’t skip this emotionally-charged message!

“Are you willing to be hated?”

Can I just say it again…ABORTION IS NEVER RIGHT.

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Part 2–It gets even better:

My favorite part: “Men, you were made for greatness…women, you were made to know your worth, to be fought for….my whole purpose in life is to make God smile.”

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Cheri September 27, 2008 - 6:39 pm

Thank You for sharing this! I saw her on an anti-Obama ad, earlier today. I could not hold back the tears as I watched her speak….and my heart really breaks for the 40+ million others (if that number is accurate, it could be much higher) who did not survive. She is truly remarkable.

Kristi September 27, 2008 - 11:10 pm

Wow, that is one courageous woman. Praise God.

*Michigan Momma* September 28, 2008 - 9:10 am

I read this late last night and was really moved. I am 4 1/2 months preggo, so perhaps I am extra emotional, yet nonetheless, I believe we (as a Christian community) are too nonchalant about this topic. It has become simply another “issue” we discuss and put on our stamp of *Pro-Life*, and we’re done with it.

Thank you for posting this – I hope many people see this amazing lady’s testimony and really HEAR the Lord and His Truth in all this. I also hope Obama’s real character shines through this story so no one else is deceived by his so-called “charm”.

Thanks again~

Lady-in-the-Making September 29, 2008 - 7:54 am

What an awesome, awesome testimony. Thank you for posting this. I was blessed by her fervor and her message.

Leslie September 29, 2008 - 11:19 am

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for posting this tremendous testimony. My children, Anna 11 and Ben 14, watched this video with me. I was so moved as I saw my son encouraged to “stand for greatness” and “protect the women and children.” My daughter prayed for our country and asked the LORD to help our family stand for life in all areas….especially abortion.

The LORD is glorified by Gianna’s life. He is also lifted high by your willingness to post it.

Leslie from Virgina

Anonymous September 29, 2008 - 11:23 am

I’m a little confused by everyone’s enthusiasm for this woman and her story. By your lights isn’t she a murderer? By your lights isn’t she complicit in the murder of all those unborn babies, since she took advantage of laws by having a legal abortion? Why isn’t she responsible for her own choices, just as you all hold gay people accountable for their choice to be gay? I’m missing something here. Is abortion “kind of like murder” but not exactly in that its bad but the person who chooses it isn’t really a criminal and shouldn’t really be punished?

Because Roe v. Wade didn’t make abortion *legal* so much as it *decriminalized it* and created a space for women who decided they couldn’t go through with a pregnancy to choose safe medical procedures instead of back alley abortions. What you are advocating, I take it, is a return to the criminalization of women and their doctors–women should go to jail for abortions and stay in jail for, well, for how long?

If that is what you truly think I applaud you for pursuing this legal solution to the social problem. But I’d like to know who else should be punished with felony prosecution for failing to bring the appropriate number of babies into the world? The woman who has an ectopic pregnancy which will kill her but never result in a live baby? The woman with high blood pressure who is warned that this baby will kill her and leave her other children orphans? The woman trying to leave an abusive boy friend who can’t afford one more child? The woman who will lose her job if she gets pregnant one more time? The rape victim? The parents who seek in vitro fertilization but who don’t use all their embryos? The banks that store the embryos? Aren’t they, too, guilty of a kind of murder for failing to make all those “snowflake babies” into real babies?

I’m pro life, myself, but I don’t think life begins at conception and ends at birth. Its a continuum, to me, that encompasses all the things we can do as people and as a society to make bearing and rearing children easier and safer for all women. Every child a wanted child is my watchword. And every pregnancy and birth a safe and happy one, not a forced one.


Word Warrior September 29, 2008 - 11:36 am


With all due respect, I didn’t understand the first part of your comment (“By your lights isn’t she a murderer? By your lights isn’t she complicit in the murder of all those unborn babies, since she took advantage of laws by having a legal abortion? Why isn’t she responsible for her own choices, just as you all hold gay people accountable for their choice to be gay? I’m missing something here. Is abortion “kind of like murder” but not exactly in that its bad but the person who chooses it isn’t really a criminal and shouldn’t really be punished?”)

and the rest of your comment made me sick at my stomach, and frankly, outraged.

Do not refer to yourself as “pro-life”. You are not God, and until you are, you have no more authority than anyone else to determine who lives and who dies.

Just because the biological mother doesn’t want her baby, does not make the baby “unwanted”. There will always be someone who wants a child.

Murder is wrong–every time.

Jasmine September 29, 2008 - 11:48 am

Mrs. Crawford,

I agree with your last comment 100%! My brother Elijah’s birth mother was a rape victim who sat in Planed Parenthood for two hours before deciding not to abort her child. He is such a sweet and precious blessing to our family and to so many others because his mother made the unselfish choice, the “hard” choice.

You are so right! There will always be someone else who wants the child ~our family is a living testament to that fact. 🙂


Anonymous September 29, 2008 - 1:30 pm

I truly don’t understand the reasoning here. When I, or any other poster, proposes a less judgemental or punitive way of looking at other people’s lives and choices, we are lectured on how important it is to assume we know what G-d wants, or doesn’t want, and to let rip with our judgmental, angry, censorious side. When posters think I’m *more* judgemental than they would be they say indignantly “you are not g-d!”

My question was very clear. Under America’s current abortion laws (and abortion laws up until the early 1900’s) abortion was not illegal, nor was it criminalized. Women and their families could decide for themselves whether to get an abortion, to choose adoption, or to go through with the pregnancy with all its risks. After a period of criminalization which made abortion illegal, especially for poor or badly connected women, and a huge number of back alley abortions, Roe v. Wade decriminalized abortion. That is to say that women and their doctors who chose abortion wouldn’t be tried for murder or put into jail.

Now you want–what exactly? No one has stopped you from refusing abortion, or getting pregnant as many times as you or your husband wants. No one has stopped pregnant teens from going through with their pregnancies (in fact I often see Bill O’Reilly complaining that pregnant teens are selfishly going ahead and becoming teenage mothers). The only thing that Roe v. wade changed was that it permitted women who were already going to have abortions to do so safely, under the care of a liscenced physician. And it protected the physician from being charged with murder.

So, what is it you all want? You want a return to criminalization? I’m just trying to figure out what is the end game here? Its one thing to be anti abortion, for yourself, or others. Its another thing to try to prevent women from a different religious or social tradition from your own, or a different perspective, from choosing their own form of health care.

I’d like a little honesty from the women on this board. If you’ve never actually thought it through–well, think it through now.

And charming stories about rape victims in your own families aside I’d like to point out that abortion clinics are filled with the wives, daughters, and even mothers and sisters of staunch anti abortionists who discover that when they have to make their own painful choices they choose abortion. This woman who you are all applauding is nothing less than a “special circumstances” propagandist. She’s now against something she was previously for, took advantage of a law that she now condemns, took a decision she is now too cowardly to stand behind. I see her problem, but I dont see why it should prevent the rest of America’s women from having rights to control their own reproductive lives. G-d gives us freedom to make our own decisions, right or wrong, and suffer the consequences. I don’t see that taking away the right to make a decision, infantilizing the adult, and hedging the adult around with legal prohibitions makes us any more a nation of godly people than it does a nation of prisoners. Do you think that g-d can’t tell the difference between a choice the woman makes freely and a choice she makes with a gun to her head?


Word Warrior September 29, 2008 - 1:53 pm


First thing, I’m still confused about what you keep accusing Gianni of…what do you mean by your statement

“She’s now against something she was previously for, took advantage of a law that she now condemns, took a decision she is now too cowardly to stand behind.”

She was never *for* abortion, nor had one. It was her mother who had an attempted abortion with her. Please clarify what you are talking about.

As for your reasoning regarding the right of “choice”, I’m just dumbfounded. Don’t arrogantly assume that “we haven’t thought it through”.

Finding yourself with an unwanted baby doesn’t EVER make abortion right.

As Gianni so clearly pointed out, abortion is not a “right of choice”; because abortion robs one person of his or her choice every time. It’s an idiotic argument, at best, to take the right of one human away in order to satsify the wishes of another.

It’s hard to even imagine people believe we can’t make a judgemental call on “what God wants” in this issue that is as black and white as it is.

Abortion has NOTHING to do with reproductive rights (you have the right to abstain from sex if you don’t want the possibility of a life.)

After the fact, your reproductive rights have ended, and that child has every right that you do to stay alive.

There is no point in arguing with one who has been given over to a rebrobate mind. I would prefer you not to leave any more comments exalting death.

Cheri September 29, 2008 - 3:39 pm


I also am confused by what you are saying…did you not watch the videos? She was the “Victim” of an abortion. She survived.

aimai September 29, 2008 - 5:04 pm

I apologize. I did not watch the video and that was very wrong of me. However, of course, one woman’s feelings about her mother’s life aren’t dispositive. The reason I say that is that a friend of mine discovered that his mother was forced to carry him to term and to give him up for adoption because of his multiple handicaps, her youth, and the draconian anti abortion laws in her country. He has confided to me that he feels, personally, terrible that his birth mother was forced to suffer so greatly for his hypothetical good.

The plural of anecdote is not data. I’m truly sorry for this poor woman but it doesnt’ really change my basic questions. So let me back up a bit and then I promise not to post here anymore. I’m from a different religious tradition than yours, and I don’t find the things you find “self evident” at all self evident. I don’t believe that human life in any meaningful sense starts at conception any more than I think that my little toe, or my kidney, has a separate soul or existence. Its alive, and its part of a human, but its not *a* human. I also don’t believe that this life is the only one we are ever going to have, or the only one that my child is going to have, so in keeping with the traditions of many other religious faiths I, personally, don’t worry about the fetus before it is quite far along. 1/3 of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage before the first trimester is completed. If those beings have souls–and they may–g-d sure isn’t worried about what happens to them. He seems to have a plan for them regardless of what the mother did or didn’t do. Why would I assume that he doesn’t have a plan for aborted fetuses, too? The Japanese call them “water births” and say that the soul of the fetus simply goes somewhere else, for a while, before it is reborn in a new body that is more ready for it.

Under Jewish law and custom a soul is not thought to inhabit the body until breath does, or at any rate quite some time into the pregnancy such as post quickening.

All of these beliefs, and yours, are compatible with continuing to have legal abortion in this country. As I pointed out an ectopic pregnancy produces a fertilized egg that is wrongly implanted in a fallopian tube–allowing the implantation to continue results in the death of the mother and the embryo. Catholic hospitals will refuse to “abort” the embryo by removing it and leaving the fallopian tubes in place so the woman can try again to have a baby. But they will sometimes agree to remove the fallopian tube on some other pretense so the mother doesn’t die but she loses some or all of her fertility.

Outlawing abortion in this country, as in other countries, doesn’t prevent abortions–it prevents some, but not all. And it may not decrease the rate of abortion which is due to increased unwanted pregnacies. Lets put it this way: if there are 1000 unwanted pregnancies and abortion is legal some portion of those women will chose abortion, and some portion adoption, and some will have those babies and perhaps be reconciled to them, or die trying or whatever. If there are 1000 unwanted pregnancies in a country where abortion is not legal some portion of those women will have an illegal abortion and die or have their fertility compromised, some portion will chose adoption, some portion will have the baby anyways. You haven’t actually changed the number of women having an abortion at all–but you have shifted the risks of the abortion to the woman and her doctor and to the rest of her family and children.

That’s why I say I’m pro life–because I’m pro the totality of life decisions that affect the rate of abortion. I’d like to see fewer women face the necessity of abortion–better prenatal care, better cheaper education for all children, better family friendly policies for fathers and mothers, a rising economy, etc…etc…etc… Research shows that these things decrease the number of abortions while the reverse increases the number of abortions.

Well, I’ll get off my soapbox and stop posting here. I come from a really different place spiritually and emotionally on everything from women to the bible and its clear that our perspectives can never mesh. I’m sorry for that. I respect the lives you are leading very much and I respect your right to lead them, and to teach your children to follow your path. I just wish you could find it in your hearts to allow the rest of us out there to lead our own lives without government interference or imposing the narrow strictures of your own religion on those not of your religion.


Word Warrior September 29, 2008 - 5:19 pm


“I just wish you could find it in your hearts to allow the rest of us out there to lead our own lives without government interference or imposing the narrow strictures of your own religion on those not of your religion.”

I can find it in my heart to allow you to read other blogs. I will not ever find it in my heart to legalize murder. Your opinion of when life begins doesn’t change the fact that it begins at conception, decided on now, by the entire scientific community.

Given that most abortions are performed after the 8th week of pregnancy, and at that time the baby is fully-formed, with a beating heart, movement, brain and spinal cord, I can’t quite stomach your theory that it’s equivalent to your pinky toe.

Based on your world-view, we should legalize anything that would keep people from experiencing the consequences of their wrong actions.

Why then, shouldn’t we legalize “breaking and entering”? Thieves are always going to steal. This way, there would be less of them killed in the process.

(Another slight problem with your thinking, is your assertion that to overturn legalized abortion is “government interference”???

The government’s job is to protect life–even the tiny ones. Not to allow interference to those without a voice.)

What a slippery slope! What if my 1-year-old who can’t defend herself is REALLY annoying…does she have any rights? As her mother, do my rights trump hers?

Kim M. September 30, 2008 - 6:28 am


If nothing is wrong with abortion is o.k., then why would you say?:

“I’d like to see fewer women face the necessity of abortion–better prenatal care, better cheaper education for all children, better family friendly policies for fathers and mothers, a rising economy, etc…etc…etc… Research shows that these things decrease the number of abortions while the reverse increases the number of abortions.”

Whose research? I wish I could like to see those numbers/”facts”.

What is wrong with the prenatal care we have now in this country? How could it get much better? We are allowed to “see” our babies right in the womb and hear their heartbeats and know they are alive! We are encouraged to go to the doctor regularly, take vitamins, eat healthy, etc.

The lower the income, the better. The lower the income, the more govt benefits are offered.

Public education is free.

Better family friendly policies??? hmmmm… don’t see what you are a getting at.

Our economy is a mess, yes, but people need to take personal responsibility for bad choices and quit blaming others.

Everyone is always saying “we need more, better, best”, but “more better best” hasn’t helped the abortion rate plummet has it?

Jasmine, I applaud your family! Adoption is one of, if not THE BEST, ways to stand against abortion!

Homefire September 30, 2008 - 8:52 pm

Well, since I can’t get the video to play, I read the comments instead. 🙂 I’ve seen an interview with this woman before, and her story is quite touching.

The thing that struck me with Aimai’s comments was not only her careful, thoughtful arguments, but also the fact that she felt moved to comment at length without ever having seen video. Interesting that she had such definite opinions about something she hadn’t even seen. I guess that tells me that Aimai is really struggling with the issue of abortion and needs desperately to express/convince herself. Perhaps I’m wrong, but methinks the lady protesteth too much. I’ll be praying for Aimai.

Anonymous October 1, 2008 - 10:31 am

Can someone tell me what "wrong action" a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, or a dead fetus, has taken that requires banning therapeutic abortion in hospitals?

Since you all feel that a video is very persuasive let me link you to a video of ordinary south dakotans, of all religious stripes including a pastor, reflecting on the attempt to put lawyers/the government between women and their doctors. I would point you very carefully to the testimony of the mother in the story who choose abortion for one of her twin sons in order that the other should live. I am utterly pro-choice and have no conflicts over it at all. Being Pro choice means believing that all women should have the same chance that I had to decide for themselves when to get married, with whom to have marital relations, how to build a life as a family, how many children to have (whether as many as g-d gives us or as few as we feel we can handle) and the proper medical care for myself, my family and my children.

As a mother of two happy, healthy girls I love motherhood and children as much –or more–than the next person but I would never want the government to intervene to force any woman to carry a pregnancy to term, or allow the government or some stranger to put my doctor in prison for advising me on how to keep myself or my family healthy. Certainly I'd want no one stepping between me and my daughters if they were pregnant–either to advise them to go through with the pregnancy or to force them to terminate it.

As for the question, purely factual, of what makes abortion rates go down, or up, here is a link to a pdf file of a study done by the group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Over at beliefnet the brief description of this study was this:

n a new study that could recast the seemingly endless debates over abortion and Roe v. Wade, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good yesterday released a new study that, according to the news release, is the first study of its kind to look at the "long- and short-term effects of public policy on the abortion rate over a twenty-year period.

"The findings," it says, "reveal that social and economic supports for women and families dramatically reduce the number of abortions. As Democrats gather in Denver for their national convention, and as Republicans prepare to gather next week, the study offers compelling findings that pro-life and pro-choice leaders from both political parties can unite behind to reduce abortions."

Indeed, such findings would (I would think) provide ammunition for those looking to move beyond the stalemate–and sterile debate–over Roe v. Wade–but it would be a major challenge to the GOP to match their pro-life rhetoric with deeds.

Catholics in Alliance commissioned the study, which was conducted by Joseph Wright, a political science professor at Penn State University and a visiting fellow at the University of Notre Dame, and Michael Bailey, a professor of American government at Georgetown University. You can read it here (in a 19-page PDF file). Tom Roberts at NCR also has coverage.

pdf file here:


Dakotan's opposed to draconian anti abortion laws here:

This is a really interesting area to me, as a parent and as a person interested in theology. As far as I can see as a country we are mired in an us against them rhetoric in which women who want certain rights are demonized as fallen, wicked, sexual, foolish, reckless, etc… when they are just people trying to do the best they can with what they have around them. I'd like to see the debate move beyond who is right and wrong to who is helping and who is hurting these women, either rhetorically or really.

So, if you are opposed to abortion–fantastic. Don't have one. Urge your friends not to have one. Stop off at your nearest planned parenthood and open your home to some woman who feels she needs an abortion, promise to take her child and raise it for her, promise to fully fund her and her family if she loses her job while she is pregnant, promise to come over and suction the mucous out of her child's throat at 3:00 am and to pay the insurance charges for the ventilator or other special needs tools that the insurance company wont' provide. I absolutely applaud such work and as a feminist, of course, I've fought for the very quality care for women and their families, special needs children, adoption services etc… that would be necessary to turn ordinary decisions about abortion into ordinary decisions to have the baby and risk the financial fallout.

But if the woman and her family don't agree that this is the best solution for them, what then?

Free will, religiously and politically speaking, means that sometimes our neighbors won't share our viewpoints about how life is best lived. You may think that such people are going to hell but must they also go to prison? Because that is what you are advocating with this ceaseless focus on Roe v. Wade. Overturning Roe v. Wade mean's criminalizing women and their doctors.


Word Warrior October 1, 2008 - 11:30 am


I don’t have the time to give your rhetoric a play-by-play response…let me just speak on behalf of myself and the women here.

You will not by any argument convince me that the life of a child is less valuable than the life of the woman carrying that child. We believe firmly (as most every human being does now) that life begins at conception. To believe otherwise is, no offense intended, ridiculous and scientifically ignorant.

Based on the obvious logic, abortion is legalized murder, taking the life of one human in order to make another human’s life more comfortable. No one would condone this after the birth of that life, and it shouldn’t be condoned before then. It should in fact be “criminalizing” for those choosing to do it.

Abortion, in a nutshell, is making one person pay (with his life) for another person’s behavior.

You mentioned ectopic pregnancy…
1. They’re rare.
2. They usually self-abort.
3. Sometimes they actually survive along with the mother and are carried to full term.

It is hardly any argument to keep abortion legal.

Again, this arguement that “poor women should have the choice to abort their babies” makes me sick. I feel for the women who have had abortions and now realize what a tragedy it was.

But there is no argument that gives us the authority to choose one person’s right to live over another’s. NONE.

Kim M. October 1, 2008 - 12:48 pm

I Corinthians 3:18-20 says

“Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness”;[a] 20 and again, “The LORD knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.”[b]

I personally know a lady who was told she had the option of aborting her child because of “deformities”. Because she knew that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God, she did not abort her baby. Her daughter is now a beautiful senior in high school. Straight “A” student who has a beautiful voice and many talents. No deformities.

What did that lady on the You Tube video miss out on by choosing to kill that other twin?

Death? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

The doctors were wrong in the case of my friend.

God’s ways are best whether they involve His choosing to take a life or to spare it.

I have experienced a loss of a loved one in my own family, but now that I look back I see what God had in mind for our future. I did not have a choice to keep my daddy alive. He died in a car accident. But as a young child, I would have said “No, let Him live!”. God allowed him to die.

What would have happened had he lived? I will probably never know.

But had I the choice to change events in my life, I would have missed the beautiful tapestry that God has woven through the years. I can see them now as an adult. This comment section does not have enough room for me to write out all of the blessings God has worked in my life!

It goes both ways. It is foolish to interfere with God’s choices for us. I am so thankful that I cannot interfere because in the case of death, I certainly would possibly try to stop some deaths. And no I am not speaking of not going to the doctor for an illness that can easily be fixed. I am talking about wishing we could raise someone from the dead that God has allowed to die.

A lot of hardships and suffering in this life pale in comparison to the reality of Heaven and the joy of a life fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. I challenge you Aimai to try Him for yourself. I have never heard anyone say they were sorry for accepting Him as their personal Savior. A relationship with Him is not the same as “religion”. I can personally attest to that! Praise His name! He is all I need!

Anonymous October 2, 2008 - 4:56 pm

One thing that bothers me about those who are for abortion is that not one of them would be in that spot with the child they want to abort if they would have not had sex in the first place. Sex can make babies. If you don’t want to “risk” a baby, don’t have sex.


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