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As the Children, So Goes the Nation

by Kelly Crawford

“I charge you–you are holding change in your hand!”

Would it be over-simplistic if I said that virtually every national problem can be traced back to a personal one? That national crises are just a blaring reflection of our personal failure to live responsibly?

As I listen to the news and ponder the mess on every side, I am discouraged, but not for too long!

Rebuilding hope is not complicated. But it takes a certain mettle…a stubborn tenacity…a face like flint.

It takes the kind of fear in God that leaves no room for the fear of man. A passion for truth that drives men through peril or sword.

And we have that opportunity! If the large-scaled crisis is to be solved, it must be solved in individuals–in us, and in our children.

A few connections I’ve been thinking about this weekend:

National Debt (understatement of the year):

Our government operates just as we do on a personal level. We spend money we don’t have to buy things we can’t afford.

Why? Because, here it is folks, “we wanted to give our children a better life”. So, we defined “better” primarily as “more things”. And when our neighbors gave their kids more things, we felt compelled to do the same. But we couldn’t afford it, so we borrowed the things. Little did we know, our neighbors had too. But our children didn’t know. They were just being taught that they were entitled.

Many Americans Expect the Government to Take Care of Them.

Why? Because in providing our children “a better life”, we also decided to protect them. From everything–even their own sinfulness. We had our little girls put on birth control so she wouldn’t be, as Obama is fond of saying, “punished with a baby”.

When our sons got into a fight at school, we raised our hands to the authorities that threatened to discipline him and taught him that one doesn’t really have to suffer consequences for wrong behavior.

Our Government is Corrupt

We raised a generation of children who were given to the state for their character training…we were too busy “providing a better life” for them. We ignored the commands of Scripture when it comes to child-rearing, and followed Dr. Spock instead. We did not teach them responsibility in matters of finance and personal behavior.

All these children are now grown and running the place. When the masses become enslaved to debt, the nation does.

When the masses expect someone to bail them out of trouble, they look to the “Big Mama” to do it.

When the masses fail to exercise responsibility and character in small matters, the nation fails to do so in big matters.

I charge you–you are holding change in your hand! Satan is no fool…all he had to do was to convince us that raising children was insignificant. That family unity is optional, and home is a waste of time. BAM! He’s got the whole nation crashing down!

Teach your children truth and require them to live it. Teach them the fear and love of God, and respect for life. Show them that the Word of God has answers for every facet of living. Teach them to esteem others better than themselves. Teach them the things of life that matter. Be vigilant and fearless.

It really is simple:

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

Here is an excellent resource for helping parents teach character traits to their children:

The Character Journal

I print these out and keep a notebook. This can really help your husband organize family devotions.

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Kim M. September 30, 2008 - 5:35 am

Great post, and thanks so much for the link to the Character journal!!!

sheena October 10, 2008 - 2:59 am

I thought the other day I ran across a link to a book you recommended about getting out of debt. I tried to find it today and couldn’t. Would you mind reposting the link or title to the book about getting out of debt?

The problem with budgeting seems to be a catch-22. We can’t afford to budget because we never have before and when things come up (the family car breaks down, urgent medical expenses ) we have to charge the expenses since we haven’t previously set enough money aside or budgeted for the unexpected. In order to have money set aside for things, you have to budget. In order to budget, you have to have money previously set aside. How do you get started?!

I appreciate the tips on frugal living and the mindset of wants vs. needs. However, I think it will take more than penny pinching to make an impact on the interest we are accruing on our huge amount of debt. I wish we had started budgeting from the beginning (ten years ago when we married). Getting out of debt seems hopeless. We have almost given up.

Word Warrior October 10, 2008 - 8:02 am


Wow…I didn’t realize there wasn’t a link to it here! Shoot me your email and I’ll send the link straight to you.


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