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Make-over Part 5: Chaste?

by Kelly Crawford


“Teach the young women to be….chaste…” Titus 2

Since the “young women” in Titus have husbands and children, chaste in this verse does not mean a virgin; the Greek translation implies “pure, innocent, clean, holy, saint-like.”

I love studying the different character traits of a godly woman because it clashes with a popular notion among many churches that: “We’re all just a big mess, and God loves us messy, so no bother to clean up. Besides, if we clean up, then other people might not think we’re cool, and then they won’t love Jesus; worse yet, they’ll call us legalists.” I’m not making that up.

God’s Word is clear about our conduct. We represent a holy God, we are called a holy people, and we have personal responsibility in the way we live and conduct ourselves.

How does one remain chaste, according to the above definition, in such an unchaste world? Notice, as we study these traits, how opposite the conduct described in Scripture is to that of what we see displayed so often around us. Also notice how much these traits overlap: chastity, modesty, discretion…I’m guessing it’s kind of important!

Chaste in our conduct and speech, is similar to discretion, but I see chaste referring more to the topic of conversations and manner of speaking we engage in. A chaste woman keeps her thoughts pure, because her thoughts will spill over into her mouth.

She dwells on things that are “holy”; taking every thought captive. (Practice singing hymns throughout the day.)

It’s easy to see why there was a time in history when men refrained their speech in the presence of a lady. Using course language or vulgar joking in front of a woman would have been despicable behavior during those times. And women behaved themselves in a way that made them worthy of such respect. Christian or not, most people operated on the principles of God’s Word.

I’ve read a book or two on the habit of being attractive to your husband. One of the things I remember was how much he is attracted to his wife’s innocence. Unheard of today in an egalitarian “dog eat dog” world, where every man and woman fights for his own way.

Oh that we could see that the way of the Lord leads to life!

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Gombojav Tribe September 20, 2008 - 6:30 pm

For a long time I’ve dislike the verbage used in purity talks to young people–especially the phrase, “staying pure until your married.” That gives the impression that sex in marriage is impure.

Christians need to work out better ways to explain what we mean. Because the Titus 2 women are married and they were to be chaste.

Good one, Kelly.

Anonymous September 20, 2008 - 8:58 pm


You have a beautiful, Chaste daughter. It is great to see Christian young ladies and know that there is hope for our sons.


I don’t want to distract from this wonderful post but would you please read my comments on your last post that we have been discussing today.

kimberly September 21, 2008 - 3:25 am

I hope that the traits of modesty and chastity will stay with my children, I pray my daughters will live what we have taught them. I also think that the term used should be chaste in the state you are called. We are called to be chaste and pure in marriage, in loving our husbands.

Kim M. September 22, 2008 - 11:17 am

Good thoughts! Your daughter is lovely.

Lesley September 27, 2008 - 1:30 pm

Very well written. It’s such a shame that we don’t even hear this from the pulpit. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve linked to this post. Keep up the good work!

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