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Help for Your New Homeschooling Year-Keep Perspective

by Kelly Crawford

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Whatever method of homeschooling, no matter how structured or relaxed or even what curriculum you use, we can all agree that homeschooling–being responsible for our children’s education is a big job, fraught with anxiety and pressure.

But it doesn’t have to be! If we keep the right perspective.

Unless you school year-round, you’re probably starting back to school around this time so I want to encourage you to face this year with confidence.

Remember the skills that matter and remember that God is faithful to provide you with everything you need to raise your children.

Remember that kindness, conflict resolution and simple communication skills will likely influence your child’s life more than the academics they choose.

Remember that this is your mission field and you are doing eternal work. Because in between the math and the letters, there you are.

Remember you are teaching them about life, guiding them in wisdom, building character that will shape them, and living before them faithfulness to God’s purposes. And success isn’t what the world says it is.

I’ve had so many homeschooling moms write to tell me how much my book, Think Outside the Classroom has helped them, whether they are new to homeschooling or veterans.

“Awesome perspective! Great read to encourage me and set a relaxed atmosphere for our upcoming homeschool year!” -Jenn

“I love the practical ideas you give in the book; it’s a philosophy backed up with ‘how-to’ .” -Sherrie R.


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