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America–What is Happening to Us? Part 2

by Kelly Crawford

Something occurred to me, that I want to clarify. I think many people have a hard time “buying” the notion that government education is destructive, because they just can’t envision all these sinister-looking board members, rubbing their hands together, horns shooting from their heads, devising a plan to destroy our nation’s children.

Let it be said, most people involved in education have the very best intentions for our children. And I’ll go even further to suggest, maybe even the “social engineers” like John Dewey and Karl Marx, who ADMIT that their aim is to create a one-world government by brainwashing children, have the best intentions that atheists can have regarding the way the world should run.

Socialism is, on the surface, a “happy thought”. Everybody gets to share, no one is “left behind”, and because life isn’t fair, we’ll put the government in charge of making sure it gets fair.

Now the reality is Socialists started the ball rolling a long time ago to create a one-world government, primarily through the de-education of its citizens..i.e. public school. Some people are OK with that…I happen not to be one of them. They are using subtle tactics, to slide by those smart enough to know socialism is bad.

That doesn’t imply that all educators are devious and conniving. Some aren’t even aware of what’s going on. The subtleness has victimized local-level educators as well.

But we MUST understand the root of the problem.

And in case you don’t know, here is the problem:

“Socialism is Communism in a hurry.” -Lenin

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Monica August 12, 2008 - 11:01 pm

I would say many well intentioned people have bought into socialist views and thinking without recognizing it as such.

Yes, it does seem nice to have everything be “fair” however, it never truely is.
Free medical care for everyone (a socialist adgenda) sounds nice, except, it cannot be free, everyone has to pay (higher taxes)…and quite a bit more. Plus where it has been tried it turns into poor medical care for “everyone” and a much more difficult time recieving the care you need. We are totally being indoctrinated that a “compassionate society” should take care of everyone, especially the weak any time a socialist adgenda is mentioned.

Smokin' Java August 13, 2008 - 8:59 pm

I agree, Monica. I was brought into very socialistic and liberal thinking in the California (more specifically, Southern California) school system.

By the grace of God, He lead me to another state and brought friends into my path that began to challenge my thoughts against Scripture. I had been anesthetized to the Truth through carefully crafted lies.

As an example, I had been taught everything had to be fair and equal. If I got a toy, my friend should be able to play with it as well. Yet, Scripture encourages chosen sharing. It enables a person to keep what is his/hers. It encourages that others work for their own food. Then, it encourages voluntary community sharing. In fact, the founders of our nation, William Bradford and the other colonists started a communal farm at first. However, some of the colonists became lazy and did not work, only feeding off the labor of others. So, Bradford instituted a “you don’t work; you don’t eat” policy among the colonists.

Ultimately, when you try to make things “fair”, most people will suffer except for the rancid few who “work the system” and become the elitists.


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