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What’s so Great About Washing Feet?

by Kelly Crawford


What's So Great About Washing Feet?

Washing feet. Not a glamorous job. But a job worthy of the King of Kings to perform with love and humility.

But there’s more. He then admonishes us to be like Him.

“Oh Lord, I want to be like you…I really do”, we say. He replies, “then wash their feet.”

“No, I mean I want an honorable ministry. Ya know, one that other people will point to and say, ‘my, how godly she is!’ ” And Jesus says, “then you have shall have no part with me.”

It’s no accident that everything the Lord requires of us is hatefully opposed to our nature. “Love your enemies….be last…lose your life…crucify the flesh…and yes, wash feet.” But the beautiful irony is that only when we submit to living a life that He asks of us, does His grace gush in like a tidal wave, and carry us up on its crest, enabling us to do the hardest of things.

We are proud, stubborn creatures, who, if we find ourselves forced to “wash feet” for any length of time, begin, before we’re even done, to throw ourselves a pity party, and evoke the sympathies of others to soothe our poor, pathetic lots in life. But the Lord says “wash feet”, and do it cheerfully.


Because it conforms us to His image. Because it’s not the glory we receive here that counts for anything. It’s the eternal reward of faithful, consistent, often unnoticed obedience.

Motherhood provides one of the greatest opportunities to “wash feet” that I can think of. And isn’t it just like the Lord to give us a job that often seems too big to handle? “I can’t handle anymore children.” Of course you can’t. That’s the whole point! He knows you can’t, but He is begging you to let Him show his power through you!

If I can handle my life, why do I need a Savior? Do you know where he wants us? In a place of helpless, desperation, where we finally cry out, “OK, you’re right, I can’t do it!” Ah. Now that’s what a pliable lump of clay looks like. Now we can be used for something.

Already this morning I have cleaned up two full bowls of spilled milk (one all over the cloth cushion of the kitchen chair), settled I don’t know how many disputes, had to discern why the little ones are fussing, when to discipline, when to gently listen, urge the children to “speak gently” meanwhile pushing my urge to explode down, mop the floor, answer math questions, change diapers, pick up the living room….again, wash dishes…well, you know….your list is as long as mine.

And for some reason, today seems harder than most. I had already planned to “tell my husband all about it” when he called. As if that would be a blessing to him, or to my listening children.

>So the Lord beckons me to take a deep breath, retreat into a quiet place, and pour out to Him my frustrations.

>Then, pick up a clean towel, smile, and go wash some more feet!

Washing Feet
A mother toiled with all her might

Tending needs both day and night.

Cleaning, laundry, dirty dishes,

Changing diapers, giving kisses.

No one saw her faithful deeds

The sacrifice for others’ needs.

She never got a company raise

Or heard the applause of worldly praise.

But still she labored diligently

She knew what others couldn’t see.

And then one night a dream told true

About that treasure this mother knew.

She dreamt of seeing her Savior’s face

And then she felt His strong embrace.

Before she had time to even speak

The King of Kings knelt at her feet.

A water basin soon appeared

She gasped in horror through her tears.

She begged of Him to take her seat

To let her wash her Savior’s feet.

He just smiled and said with ease

“You did, when you served the least of these”.

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Anonymous June 18, 2007 - 4:08 pm

I love that poem!

Carmen June 18, 2007 - 7:30 pm

Love that poem! Posted it on my blog…again! Of course with a link to your beautiful blog!


Jennifer June 18, 2007 - 10:58 pm

UH OH! I think this post was for ME! Just last night, I had the pleasure of cleaning up bodily fluids (to say it nicely) in 3 different areas of the house. Soon as one mess was made, another came. Sit down, ahhh, another mess. Then DH got upset because I needed help, a baby trying to crawl right thru the mess!! Once he got upset, then I got upset too thinking “He’s just sitting there!I cant handle the two I have got, how would I handle anymore!!!!!” Then I think to myself “Those who try to save their lives will lose them. Those who lose them for Jesus will find them” I really agree with what this blog is saying. Its just starting to sink into my heart. The hard part is letting God take control of the situation. D’uh should be pretty easy, if I agree with the biblical truths, why does part of me want to go back to my old way of thinking?? My other problem is DH is not 100% on board. Other than praying and leaving it up to God, I don’t know what I can do. Please post much and often Word Warrior, I just love the reading available here. Jennifer

Kathy, Jeff's Wife June 19, 2007 - 10:12 pm

I agree with Jennifer…KEEP ON POSTING.

You are a well of wisdom.


bran June 20, 2007 - 11:28 pm

Ummmm that was convicting. : / How many times have my children heard me say how one of them has thwarted my plans. Such as, “I finally get to the shower and someone is in here; and they should already be in bed.” Pooooooor me.
Pray for me please, as I do the same. 🙂

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