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True Confessions of a Scatter-Brain

by Kelly Crawford

We are moving this weekend…I guess you figured out that I’ve been busier than usual. I’m actually convinced I may have lost my brain entirely, and might possibly never find it again.

See, I’m not bad at multi-tasking…I can type out a blog post, listen to my 6 year-old’s reading lesson, nurse the baby and listen out for arguments all at the same time. My husband can’t comprehend it, but then again, if the kids are watching a movie, and it can be anything, he is instantly engrossed and the house could burn down around him and he wouldn’t notice. God made him that way…you’ve probably got one too 🙂

But trying to finish construction on a house (so many things to remember and think about), AND prepare for Christmas, AND fill product and CD orders (which are coming in heavily–‘tis the season!) AND love my children, AND pack up the house, AND…

anyway, it has just done something to my brain. Really. I’m so disoriented I’m scared to leave the house.

I “ran to town” for a couple of errands yesterday (we live so far out of the city limits, that when you “go to town”, you really have to knock out several things at once to make it worth the gas.) Once I got there, I realized I had left everything I needed to bring at home (including the baby, although, don’t panic, she was with my oldest 🙂

I went to our church’s Christmas party dressed in a formal, silk skirt (one of the few times a year I get to really dress up). On the way there (of course we had been crazy all day), I told my husband, “There’s something I forgot…something I meant to do, but I can’t remember what”. At that moment, I remembered what. I had slipped on some shoes to run outside real quick (that’s another story…my potty-trained son decided to have an accident–and I mean a rush outside holding him at arms length–hose him down kind of accident), after I was already dressed of course, and yes, I forgot to change my shoes. Luckily, they were black so they matched, but they weren’t the right shoes with formal attire!

Please don’t think I’m suggesting that I am any busier than any of you hard-working ladies out there…I’m suggesting that I’m the biggest scatter-brain that ever walked the planet 🙂

Bear with me…

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Mrs. Taft December 14, 2007 - 12:19 am

Oh you poor dear 🙁 lol I pray that the Lord gives you peace and clarity!

Peggie December 14, 2007 - 12:52 pm

I have the same problem. Some days I wonder where I left my brain, it seems totally gone.

One day when I was getting ready for church I set my shoes out and then finished getting my granddaughter dressed. It had been a crazy morning so I got her, slipped on my shoes where I set them, but one was moved a bit so I had to hobble a few inches to get them on.

Got to church, put her in the nursery and walked upstairs. I talked to some teens on the stairway and one of them laughed at me and asked what I was up to, it took her some time to tell me, and then convince me , to look down at my feet. I had two different shoes on.

MY granddaughter had been walking around in my shoes and switched them. In my rush I did not even look at what I was putting on.

At least yours matched!

Gombojav Tribe December 14, 2007 - 3:26 pm

When I was pregnant with my fourth child twice I went grocery shopping and left some of the groceries in the car. Found the stuff the next day. We had to throw out two gallons of milk one time. Another time it was an entire roast.

I know scatter-brained!

Kelly December 14, 2007 - 4:08 pm

God Bless you and your family in this busy time Kelly. Try to look at it this way. Years from now you’ll probably look back on this as that “crazy Christmas” when we moved right before the holiday.
It will all sort itself out.

Anonymous December 14, 2007 - 5:16 pm

I’m the same way (& I’ve got one of those very focused hubby’s as well LOL).

I am a new reader & am really enjoying your blog. I am part of HSB & an award was given to me for Purposeful Blogging. I’ve passed it along to you; I hope you don’t mind.

Blessings, Michele


Michelle December 15, 2007 - 9:34 am

lol! I hear ya! Mommy brain – its just mommy brain. Forget pregnancy brain, it carries over…

We’re very much like you – “town” is more than 50 miles away, so we have to knock out several errands at once and that often gets very tiring for a 2 yr old and a 7 mo. old!

Praying that God gives you His peace and His multitasking skills (think about it)


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