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Reader is Questioning, Searching

by Kelly Crawford

I was so encouraged to receive this letter from a reader named Sally…we have all been here, haven’t we? (Or maybe some of us are here now, or will be!) What words of encouragement do you have in regard to her concerns and questions?

Hi Kelly,

I have been reading your blog for over a month or two now, and it has really challenged me and the deeply ingrained (feminist influenced) beliefs I’ve held without really ever knowing it….

I have been really wrestling with this issue of really believing that children are a blessing from God, and frankly, am feeling convicted by the whole mindset of planning our own families instead of letting God plan them. I am scared to death. If we just “let it happen,” I would expect that we’ll be having lots more kids because so far I am super fertile, and just 28 years old. It just took once with both my boys, and even though the second one wasn’t planned by me, I could tell you the date of conception. But of course we know Who really plans these things!

So my husband and I have been talking this issue over through the last couple days. He is starting to understand this mindset more, and that having more kids is a blessing (we both come from families of 4 kids, and are glad for it). I think having more than 4 kids, though, is hard for him to imagine. We are both kind of freaking out and scared if we decide to walk this path.

Does parenting get easier down the road than with the initial couple kids? Have you talked with other women or families who are convinced that no birth control is the right thing to do, but are scared to death to “obey” and follow this path? Are there any good arguments to not just “let it happen?” Our culture seems to think it is irresponsible to have more than a few kids… like it’s depriving the oldest children of your time at the very least! We are definitely not in financial trouble, have a home large enough to house multiple children comfortably (with some creative bedroom arrangements down the road). If anyone is “responsible” enough to have many kids, it would be us. We are just scared. Will I be patient enough? Will I be able to handle all them? Will I go crazy trying to maintain order? Will my house be chaos?

I know I don’t have to rely on my own strength, but how can I be sure this is the right path for us? Is it the right path for every Christian? Our culture is yelling NO! So it’s hard to find any support or look for advice even in our church. Most people don’t have more than 2-3 kids, although I might be able to find a couple of families that have more.

I also feel untrained for this job of household manager and mother. This adds to the fear of trying to manage a large household without the support or training women of the past probably had. My husband and I are also strongly considering homeschooling, which would be compatible with a large family.

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Mrs. Taft November 15, 2007 - 8:06 pm

I only have two kids, but this is something my mom says (she had seven), and I have heard over and over again from other families with lots of kids:

“Three may as well be ten.”

In other words, after you have three kids, it just doesn’t seem to matter after that if you only have one more or 6 more. I can also tell you that with every kid my parents had, God expanded their ability to provide in one way or another.

Is it the ONLY way for every couple? I don’t believe so, because I know that God has lead other couples differently. Is it the right way for you? It sure could be, especially if God is pressing this on your heart. The only reason ever, in my opinion, to limit or prevent children is if God specifically leads you to. So if He is not specifically saying that you should only have x number of kids or now is not the time, perhaps He is trying to encourage you to put it in His hands entirely.

I believe this is a personal decision between every couple and the Lord. And it won’t look the same for every person–quivers come in all different shapes and sizes. But we do know that He is good, and He is faithful. So I encourage you to keep at this in prayer, and ask God to give you peace in the right direction. Perhaps you stumbled on this blog for “such a time as this”.

Also, and I hate to be blunt, but fear is rarely a good reason to do or not do something. 😉 He is SO much bigger than ANYTHING we can imagine. Really! If it is His desire that you be especially fruitful (girl, if you’ve got that magic ability to get spontaneously pregnant, milk that for all it’s worth. Some of us wish we were so blessed…), you can rest assured that He will provide. And if you lean on Him, He will give you all the strength and patience you need. I’d promise, but His promise is so much better than mine! 😉

Mrs. Taft November 15, 2007 - 8:16 pm

After re-reading the letter, I just want to encourage you again…maybe God is pressing this on your heart and led you to this blog for a reason. Perhaps He doesn’t want you to be the “exception to the rule” but He has big plans for your family’s expansion. It doesn’t sound like HE has led you or your husband to actively prevent or limit children, so …maybe you shouldn’t. :O

And again, He is so much bigger than any of OUR limitations. I’m finding that mothering and housekeeping is a bit of a “learn as you go” experience. It’s ok not to be perfect or have all the answers. There are many ways to learn the skills you need. As far as support goes, it really is a shame that it is “counter-culture” in your church to have a large family. I grew up that smaller families were the exception, not the rule. My pastor and his wife have seven kids, so that should tell you something right there. LOL! But, support is out there. And the Lord can also supply your every need. God bless!

Mrs. C November 15, 2007 - 8:31 pm

Well, we were TRYING each month for about a year before we could conceive child #5. But numbers 1,2,3 and 4 were first-month and sometimes “unplanned” children. So it would be nice to have 10 kids, but you might not get more than three or five. You just don’t know.

I wouldn’t worry *too* much about it at this point. What is God telling you and dh? I agree with Mrs. T that that’s number one priority. Blessings to you as you work this out!

Mrs. C

Ashley November 15, 2007 - 9:27 pm

I grew up saying that I wanted a dozen children … BUT after struggling to be ‘mommy’ to my teen brothers for several years, I was so drained. I felt that because I failed to be a good ‘mom’ to teens, it was going to be the same thing with my own children, and I just wanted to escape the constant power struggle.

So when I married, I found myself scared to death to have kids. My dh wanted children from the get-go, and it took him 6 months to wear me down. If he wanted kids, I’d give him kids!

It took 6 months more to get pg, and that really humbled me. We started talking about where to stop. We both know families that didn’t mean to have that “mistake” or “accidental” child – dh’s younger brother included! So we started thinking, what if *we* decided to stop and missed out? How would we know when to stop?

We reached the conclusion that we should let God be in control. It’s so incredibly freeing!!!

It does come with a price (persecution, even from family), and I do have doubts! When I had my son, I was so happy. Even sleep deprived, I was so ready to do it all over again! Then I started to panic about what I would do when he turned two. I had no idea what to do with a two year old!

I started making lists for activities you do with 2yo, trying to figure out what you feed them, all kinds of things. Finally, dh stopped me and asked me few questions:

“Can you take care of Samuel today?”


“Do you think you can handle tomorrow?”

“Well, yeah.”

“You only have to take it one day at a time.”

So that’s what has happened, and I have a 20mo now and it’s just crept up on me!

I wasn’t sure how I would handle having two children, and I LOVE IT! It’s much easier than I was expecting. I can already imagine a third, LOL.

BUT …. I got to thinking the other day, how will I do when I’m homeschooling and I have three in school and three toddlers and a newborn?

I just have to take it a day at a time. I would love to have a bunch of children RIGHT NOW, but I do know that if I have them one by one I’ll learn so much along the way. 🙂 God is going to use mommyhood to help me develope patience and the skills I need over time. I won’t develop such things overnight.

A challenge for me is to realize that if I trust God to grow our family, I also have to trust Him if we don’t have very many children. I do not think I’m a very fertile woman, in fact both of my boys I think are medical improbibilities!

I have heard of people that have 3,4,5 children spaced 14-18 months apart and then no more. A lovely couple I know had two children with no problems whatsoever, and has prayed for more children for 14 years, but God has other plans for them. I think they might adopt in the future.

So I think it can go either way.

My advice is to just take it one baby at a time, and let God shape you and provide for you as He sees fit. 🙂 That is my game plan, anyway!



Carmen November 15, 2007 - 9:46 pm

We got married, went on the pill and two years later decided that it was “time” to have children. We thought we might have 2-3 children and after reading “Full Quiver” we really prayed and thought hard. We decided to “go for it”. We have six blessings and another on the way.

It’s hard, but then again no one said life was easy. It’s not like you will wake up one day and poof you will have 12 toddlers running around! And who’s to say that if you decide to let the Lord control your womb that you will have a dozen. You may only have 4…He may just want you to give it to Him. The Lord knows what you can and can’t handle (physically, mentally, financially, etc.). You just kind of work your way into it. You learn as you go and read, read, read. I also have to say that we don’t have many “in real life” friends who think the same as us. My husband refers to Kelly and others on the same trek as us as my “blogger friends”. It’s a great support system! I find this blog such an encouragement and a blessing. If you surround yourself in the worldly thinking, then it just eats you up…it’s like they are brainwashing us! But…if you surround yourself in likeminded folks (even if you can only find them on the internet) then you don’t feel like such an outsider.

I have a question that someone brought up, though, on the thought that God would lead a Christian to prevent a child. Maybe I’m unsure of what you mean, but if we deter the possibility of a baby being conceived then how can we know if He meant for us to have another baby or not? If we deter it then how can a life be made if He wants to make it? I hope that makes sense. I mean no offense, just not sure if I misunderstood. I understand in cases where a doctor says that it is medically necessary to prevent a child…not sure if that is what you meant. He sends us wisdom through doctors so I would be comfortable with that.

Back to Sally…it’s a scary path to take but the Lord has taken care of us in so many ways. I will pray for you and your husband.

Mrs. Taft November 15, 2007 - 11:26 pm

I have a question that someone brought up, though, on the thought that God would lead a Christian to prevent a child. Maybe I’m unsure of what you mean, but if we deter the possibility of a baby being conceived then how can we know if He meant for us to have another baby or not? If we deter it then how can a life be made if He wants to make it

Well, I believe that God IS the author of life, and that He can overcome whatever obstacles we or circumstance have placed in the way. Obviously, we have responsibility too, and as I have repeatedly said, the key is to work WITH God and not against Him. Someone compared abortion–preventing the continuation of life–with the idea of preventing the possibility of life. I think that’s a ludicrous comparison. Anyone, any time can take a life, which may or may not be in God’s perfect will. But I’m not sure I’m convinced that we can truly prevent God from creating a life. That is speculation, however.

Anyways, to answer your question, I don’t mean that a couple would just go on birth control and figure that God’ll overcome it or whatever. You’re thinking of it in reverse. When I said that I believe the only reason a couple would have to prevent or limit children would be God’s leading, it would be BEFORE the fact, not after. God would lead them TO that decision. I know many couples that this is a reality for. I already shared the story about my parents.

So, your question of “if they deter having a baby, how can they know if God wanted them to have another baby or not” is not relevant in that case, because God would have already spoken :). I think that question would apply better to couples that do not seek God’s will or pursue limiting children for selfish reasons. They are on birth control or whatever for their own reasons, not because they were directed there. 🙂

Out on a Limb November 16, 2007 - 12:08 am

Wow! You sound just like me when the Lord started pressing on my heart and convicting us to allow Him soverienty over our family size. When my husband and I decided to “let go and let God” it was just a few years ago. There was not nearly as much stuff on the internet and I knew no one in real life who held these beliefs. Since then, God has blessed us with sites like this and friends from church who also have this conviction.

I never wanted to have a career. I went to college to please all of those around me. But all I ever wanted to do was be a Mom. After we got married, we did what all “responsible” newlyweds do and I took the pill for the first 18 months of our marriage. I was miserable and suffered a DEEP depression during that time. It was horrible. After I stopped taking the pill, I realized that those hormones were exactly what was causing my depression. I stopped taking it and was pregnant with our first right away. In researching the side effects of the pill, I came across information about the pill possibly being abortifacient. I was horrified. So, I started praying about it and the Lord started to press this conviction on my heart. At the same time, my husband heard a radio program on this very issue (we hadn’t even discussed it). He came home from work and I confided in him about what I found out about the pill and he was grateful because he wanted to bring it up to me and didn’t know how. The simple fact that we both stumbled on this information on the same day was confirmation enough for us.

Now, we’ve had five kids in six years. Yes, I’m pretty tired…lol. And honestly the transition from 4 to 5has been somewhat difficult. But I trust God and know that with Him I can get through it. I started my first year of homeschooling this year. I have a 1st grader and a Kindergartner. The rest are 3 and under. It takes some fancy footwork, that’s for sure, but I think I can finally say I have a good system!! YAY!

Some amazing things have happened along the way. I have discovered that the “attention” our family draws creates unique experiences to share God’s love with others. I especially loved when upon learning of our last pregnancy, my cousin’s daughter (8-years-old) said, “Wow, God is really blessing you guys a lot!” How innocent and sweet, yet at the same time so prophetic coming from the mouth of a child.

Anyway, yes, I was hesitant to follow God. And I can honestly say, that at times I still am. I’m one Fertile Myrtle (as my hubby loving calls me). I love children with all my heart and I want to please the Lord and allow His will, but I am so very tired. However, I have to remember that this is just a season in life. God is pushing me to my limit and beyond because He wants me to rely on Him!

Out on a Limb November 16, 2007 - 12:22 am

I forgot, I wanted to address these questions for you:

Will I be patient enough?
If you spend enough time on your knees praying for it…lol! Seriously, I was more impatient with one child then I am with five. At some point, I just stopped stressing so much.

Will I be able to handle all them?
You are uniquely qualified to handle your children. Of course you will. And the older ones help a lot with the little ones.

Will I go crazy trying to maintain order?
I am very organized and I thrive on routine. Develop a routine and don’t deviate too much. And give them a few sedatives now and then…(I kid, I kid).

Will my house be chaos?
Ummm…yeah probably…lol. But it’s the best kind of chaos there is.

Often times I get caught up in thinking that some big families are so calm and peaceful and the children are neat and tidy. But that’s not the case for us…lol. Trust me when I tell you, there are no standards. My house looks like a bomb blew up in ToysRUs on most days. But we have a lot of fun and we clean it up together. I think it totally depends on the type of person you are and how your family functions.

Mrs. Anna T November 16, 2007 - 6:48 am

Oh wow. I’m not a mother yet, but my fiance and I already decided we will not use birth control for our future family. I’m so humbled by the discussion here. Thank you, Kelly, for bringing up these important matters!

tracy November 16, 2007 - 7:38 am

This is EXACTLY what I needed right now! Thank you so much! I’m so glad that God knows my heart. I have been reading over the last year or so on different blogs here and there and becoming more and more convicted on the birth control issue. This just convicted me even more. I think that I know where God is leading me. Now I just have to figure out a way to tell my hubby. lol Wish me luck! Prayers would be appreciated, ladies! have a blessed day!

Mandi November 16, 2007 - 8:38 am

I’m the oldest of 9 children and I’m pretty sure my parents had that many because my mom ‘wanted’ lots of kids.
So in my mind there was never any thought of having more than 3-4.
How things change!
I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second and my husband and I just two nights ago discussed this issue again and are in agreement about ‘letting go and letting God’.
It took us 3 years of trying to get pregnant with our first and I can honestly say I would never use hormonal BC again because of all the problems it caused me but until a couple nights ago we had planned on NFP.
It is scary because I’m only 27 and even though these 2 will be almost 20 months apart if you do the calculations I could have ALOT of children. We also plan on homeschooling.

You know as I’m typing this I’m thinking… I stay at home and devote all of my energy into training the one I have now. How much will my outside life change? Not much, we don’t have any like minded friends now. I’m prepared for a lonely road but am TOTALLY convinced every minute is worth it.

I think it took infertility for me to realize what a gift children are!
I can’t say I’m excited about having a ton of children; what I am excited about is how God will bless our obedience (and not just with children!) 🙂

Raising Olives November 16, 2007 - 10:40 am

I do not believe that God leads people to prevent having children. God does not change and I do not believe that He will lead someone to violate the clear teaching of His word. His word is clear that 1). Children are a blessing. 2.)God controls conception, it is not just the result of a physical relationship. i.e. there are not any people walking around that God did not ordain to be here or that He is thinking, Boy I really wish their parents had used B.C. because they were not part of my plan. 3).We are to be fruitful and multiply. 4). He is the one who provides for all of our needs. 5). He will not give us more than we can handle. If these teachings are true then it is an act of disbelief to try to prevent Him blessing us with children. You either do not believe that children are a blessing, or you don’t believe that He will provide for your family, or you do not believe that you can handle many children, or perhaps you don’t really believe that God is in control of conception and that He might give you a child that He didn’t really want you to have.

The only possible exception would be when the life of the mother is at risk. I can sympathize with the argument that you are trying to preserve life, which is also clearly taught in scripture, by preventing a pregnancy in a momma who has VERY SERIOUS health issues. I think that is clearly a decision for the husband to make as he is the one who is responsible for his family. That said, I can not see any other BIBLICAL argument for preventing children.

The logic that if God wants to create a child, He is able to even if we are trying to prevent it, therefore it is ok to try to prevent children. Is the same as saying that God can bring our children to know and love Him even if we do not spend the time to teach and train them. It opens the door for any number of sins, with the argument that God will still work His perfect will in those situations. This is true to this point, God is not dependent on our actions for His will to be done. HOWEVER, He has told us that we should train up a child in the way he should go and He has told us to be fruitful and multiply. We are responsible to be obedient in both of these areas and to the point that we harden our hearts and disobey Him, we can not expect to be blessed.

I am trying to be earnest and not unkind. When we as Christians see other Christians justifying disobedience and disbelief, I think we have a responsiblity to say something.

I am not saying that God has revealed this teaching to everyone. Just as not all Christian women stay home and raise their own children and not all Christian men are leaders of their homes, so not all Christians will understand that we should embrace the blessings that God will give to us. It does not change these truths. We should come along side those who do not understand these teachings in love and understanding, and encourage them to examine the word of God and become more and more obedient to Him. This is a difficult issue and affects every aspect of our lives. I do not wish to minimize that. If God calls you to have 9 children, your life will be very different from every angle. It is lonely. It is busy. It is hard. It is strange to the world. It is also the most wonderful, glorious, blessed life that I can imagine. I am not dismissing the hardships. To embrace this teaching you need to be willing to sacrifice everything, even yourself. All Christians are all called to deny themselves. We are choosing this life for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave Himself up for our sakes, and He will richly repay. Isn’t He the one who calls children a blessing? They are. I am not asking you to make the sacrifice, He is. Those who wish to gain their life must lose it.

Just for the record. I do not think that I have all the answers, I know that I don’t. My husband and I pray every day that He will show us where we are violating His word. God has called us to this wonderful life. My husband and I are both 35 and we have 9 children 11 and under. I am thankful for each of them. As people before me have said, you never know when you will have your last. My mother was my age when she underwent treatment for cancer that cost her fertility. I do not take it for granted that I will have more children. Each one is a special, wonderful blessing and is treasured.

I apologize for how long this is. I could go on about how our house runs. Things get much, much easier. When our 5th was born our oldest was 4 years old, it is much easier now with 9 and the oldest being 11. Just know without a doubt that God will fully equip you for what He has called you.



Word Warrior November 16, 2007 - 1:51 pm

I’m really enjoying your encouraging comments to Sally. I LOVE to see people thinking, digging, questioning and searching for truth. It’s quite a missing practice these days!

We’ve discussed birth control so much on this blog, that I’ve probably said everything I believe at least several times 🙂

But the more we rely on the Lord in this area, the more I see His infinite plans unfolding. It’s so much more than just “having a bunch of children”. We have so clearly seen how God uses children for so many purposes from molding all of our characters (nothing refines quite like a house full of children!), to relying on Him to provide for our basic needs, to creating unique opportunities to share our hearts with others (like one reader said, we kind of stick out in public!)

Oh the joys of obedience! I can’t emphasize it enough.

Another point that seems so clear to me on the subject of bc is this…if God created it, why would He be OK with our changing it? He created our whole body to function a particular way. Why have taken the liberty to alter the function of only this one body part? It’s kind of absurd if you think about it.

And the argument of “medical wisdom” does NOT apply here. Medicine is a blessing that HEALS, IMPROVES, or REPAIRS. I think it is terrifying that we have used our medical wisdom to destroy the natural function of the body!

And once more, it doesn’t make sense to purposely refuse what God calls a blessing, over and over. For all of history, if the Lord ever wanted to bless His people, he caused them to increase, blessing the fruit of their womb. (And it never mattered whether they were rich or poor.)

I have no biblical basis for saying this, but I wonder if judgement won’t come to the people of God for refusing the children He wishes to give us? For it may well be, that His “desiring godly offspring” (Malachi 2:15) is the primary way He wishes to perpetuate His kingdom. It would be a fearful thing to hinder that!

The most important thing is that we don’t lump this issue in with the “it doesn’t matter–it’s all a matter of choice or opinion” category. See the Lord, read the Word, and pray as a couple for God’s clear will. Just don’t dismiss it!

Anonymous November 16, 2007 - 2:43 pm

I have so enjoyed reading these comments. It’s hard to find like-minded people in the “real” world….lol! My husband and I have 2 girls and just found out LAST NIGHT that we are expecting again!!!! I AM SO EXCITED – I JUST HAD TO SHARE! We have just recently turned over our child-bearing to God. PRAISE GOD FOR OPENING OUR EYES!! Sally, my advice for you and your husband would be to pray to God and follow Him. God is amazing and we are able to do much if we lean on Him! Blessings to you and your husband.

Sheila November 16, 2007 - 4:38 pm

I am loving this discussion! Kimberly, I particularly appreciate your comments. Sally, I will pray for you!
My testimony: Conceived child #1 exactly when we “planned.” Child #2, same deal. During that pregnancy was when we both were convicted to surrender our bodies to the Lord – FULLY. Pregnant with #3 when #2 was weaned. #4 didn’t come until #3 was 31 months old. (Oh, how I fretted!) #5 was 23 months after #4 (and she’s now 13 months old – not pregnant yet). This all being said, it truly is God who is in control. I have such a desire for a large family, but, at nearly 37, I almost get panicky! What if we’re done?!?! Again, the trust must be to trust Him for the possibility of having or NOT having children. It’s in His hands.
Yes, it is truly freeing!
As far as homeschooling, my 9-year-old is the one doing the formal schooling, the 7-year-old not as much. 5-, 3-, and 1-year-olds, not a bit (other than experiencing everyday life) :). School doesn’t look the same for everyone, and it certainly doesn’t have to follow the public school pattern!

Mrs. Taft November 16, 2007 - 7:41 pm

*sigh* I feel like I can only explain myself so many times and be misunderstood exactly the same way so many times. 🙂 I think I’ll bow out of this one. I would never presume to know the will of God for every couple, and more importantly, how exactly HE intends to bring that will about. I think it is very unfortunate when one denomination or one group following a certain teaching or doctrine become so certain that their interpretation is the only way, they look down on everyone who doesn’t. Oh well 🙂 I guess this isn’t really the place for me after all 🙂

Word Warrior November 16, 2007 - 9:33 pm

Mrs. T.,

I think I may be confused over your last comment…I saw where one person had addressed your thoughts, but I didn’t see where anyone else had misunderstood you. My comment was certainly not in response to any previous comment made.

It was simply my “bullet list” of thoughts about BC. Things that I’ve shared before that I thought the new readers may be interested in. Hope you didn’t think I was misunderstanding your comment and trying to address it!

Mrs. Taft November 16, 2007 - 10:03 pm

Thanks for addressing me, Kelly. I think I’m just being a little sensitive because I can tell that NFP-is-acceptable thoughts are in the minority here (which isn’t a bad thing, mind you. I just hate being misunderstood). 🙂

Sally November 16, 2007 - 10:19 pm

Wow, you have all provided such good thoughts and answers to my original questions! We are seriously going over this issue together (my husband and I) with the Lord, with much prayer! There is still some nervousness, but like ashley wrote, we have to take it one day at a time.
Another thought I had about birth control: has anyone else found it to be completely blocking of the intimacy in your marriage? Whatever method- the pill, male or female barriers… I sometimes think I’m crazy, but I feel an emotional barrier to intimacy w/ my husband as well with all the years we’ve used these. Thinking of (possibly) finally ridding our marriage of them forever has already made me feel a freedom, and excitement for intimacy that I was surprised by!
I have to admit that the stories of out on a limb’s 5 kids in 6 years brings back the fear for me, also a “fertile myrtle”- as soon as we stopped using any bc, we got pregnant both times (I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old). But that’s where I realize our story will be ours, guided by God, and we trust Him to give us what we need when we need it (but not before).

Word Warrior November 16, 2007 - 10:33 pm


Your feelings of intimacy being hindred by BC is a very real reality that many women share. In the book “Be Fruitful & Multiply”, Nancy Campbell discusses this (I think I’ve got my books straight–I know one of them does!)

I think its neat that God places this feeling in our hearts, even when we may not have heard the suggestion before. How can we be one, if we are witholding anything from each other?

I’m excited for your journey!

Anonymous December 17, 2007 - 3:01 pm

I know this is a month old post, but I just found it. I so appreciate the encouragement. I needed this today. I dealt w/ nearly 9 yrs of infertility before my precious daughter was born this August. I was always uncomfortable w/ b.c. but never had to make such decisions because of our infertility. COnversely we made decisions to not pursue all of the fertility treatments available for similar reasons, letting GOd be in control.

Well today I have found myself to probably be pregnant w/ #2 while #1is not yet 4 months. (I haven’t yet tested but am pretty sure)

Although we are delighted as we were fully prepared for our daughter to be an only child,but have always wanted more. I am certainly somewhat nervous about the respons of friends and family to having another one so soon.

This has been so encouraging. I certainly have no “fear” or “hope” of being a mother of a “huge brood” as I am already in my mid 30’s. But I find similar attitudes and fears about having 2 under the age of 1. Although “I would have chosen” a couple extra months lag time, I so rejoice in God’s precious gift in my a little early but His “perfect” time.

Thanks for the encouragement

Andie Birdsell October 14, 2015 - 7:39 pm

Kelly, I would LOVE to know YOUR response to her. Do you have it posted somewhere on your blog?! 🙂


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